Conference 2017

International Conference on

Business Opportunities in Consulting Services for Infrastructure Development

16th & 17th November 2017

Events for International Consulting Fellows

Kathmandu & Melamchi NEPAL


18th – 20th November 2017

International Conference

Hotel Yak & Yeti, Durbar Marg,

Kathmandu NEPAL




SCAEF with the GoN and other partners is organizing an International Conference themed on “Business Opportunities in Consulting Services for Infrastructure Development” with an overarching objective “to open a doorway for international investments in infrastructure development” through providing opportunities in consulting sector thus enabling investments. The conference also aims to develop an enabling platform and network for Nepalese consulting firms to seek equal opportunities in international market through networking with international firms, partner organizations in ASPAC region, FIDIC members, the International Financing Institutions and the friendly countries.

The other aspect of the workshop is to introduce the international firms on the “business environment” in Nepal. According to the World Bank, Nepal is ranked 107th internationally and 2nd in the South Asia region behind Bhutan in terms of “ease of doing business”. If the government is seeking more investments in infrastructure sector, the gap in technical knowledge and experiences amongst the Nepalese professional must be minimized along with creating and promoting an enabling environment for business. Therefore, to initiate dialogue between international partners, Nepalese consulting sector and government bodies for creating an enabling environment, this workshop should deliberate an outlook of the business environment in the country and henceforth initiate reforms and changes required for attracting international investments and business opportunities to international firms.



Theme 1 Consulting Business Opportunities in Nepal

Under this theme, presentations on consulting opportunities in infrastructure and development sector for next coming years are expected by the line ministries, implementing departments and development partners. Opportunities for both the national and international consulting firms are presented by relevant departments and other governmental/non-governmental entities.

1. Various line ministries and departments

2. WB, ADB, JICA etc.

3. Others

Theme 2 Consulting Business – International Experiences and Opportunities

Under this theme, international participants present their technical and management experiences in various infrastructure projects so that Nepalese firms learn and gain knowledge of international best practices. International participants are also expected to present business opportunities where Nepalese firms can partner/associate with international firms or participate independently in other developing countries. Fostering of South-south cooperation, technical transfer, sharing of solutions and experts, shared learnings are focused under this theme. Potential presenters under this theme could be


2. ASPAC members

3. Representative countries with MoU signed with SCAEF

4. Consulting societies and consulting firms from neighboring countries India and China

5. Consulting societies and firms from South-East Asia, Africa, Central Asia, Asia-Pacific, Middle East

6. International consulting firms working in Nepal

7. Others


Theme 3 Investments in Infrastructure Sector:

Under this theme, future and upcoming investment policies and plans in infrastructure and development sectors by the GoN, international development partners, international development banks (WB, ADB, etc.), other potential investor in major infrastructures are focused. Recently CNI with GoN and others organized the Nepal Infrastructure Summit 2017, highlighting on the forthcoming investments in infrastructure development by the GoN and development partners. A briefing paper on the outcomes of Nepal Infrastructure Summit by GoN and/or CNI is expected. The briefing papers will deliberate on the infrastructure investment plans and upcoming major infrastructures by GoN, development partners, development banks and investors. The briefing presentation(s) on investments polices and plans will give general directions on business opportunities in various sectors. Potential presenters under this theme are expected to be

1. CNI

2. GoN entities

Theme 4 Ease of Doing Business in Consulting Sector in Nepal

This theme is focused on various aspects to be considered for doing business in Nepal. This will include legal and regulatory provisions in doing consulting business, taxation policies, banking regulations, partnership provisions, foreign exchange, insurance and indemnities and other regulatory provisions that will facilitate ease of doing consulting business in Nepal for both the national and international firms. Potential paper/ presentation presenters under these themes are

1. Ministry of Industry/Dept. of Industry


3. Inland Revenue Department

4. Nepal Rastra Bank 5. Commercial Banks

6. Insurance Companies

7. Others


Who should attend?

All Nepalese and International architecture and engineering professionals and firms actively involved in Infrastructure Development Consulting Business , who seek to establish and expand their consulting businesses in Nepal and the sub-region.

  • Consulting Engineers and Architects
  • Contractors and Construction Professionals
  • International Consulting Firms
  • National Consulting Firms
  • Government Line Ministries & Departments
  • Development Partners and Funding Agencies
  • Engineering Equipment Resellers/Suppliers
  • Construction Materials/Equipment Suppliers
  • Others



Hotel Yak & Yeti, Durbar Marg Kathmandu NEPAL



The workshop program is proposed for two days and half days, including the closing ceremony to be coincided with SCAEF Anniversary Day celebration on the final day. The workshop is preceded by preworkshop event of sites visit organized for representatives from international consulting fellowship.

Date                                    Programs
16 November 2017              Arrival of participants from international consulting fellowship
17 November 2017              Site Visit to Melamchi and other activities, night stay at Dhulikhel (proposed)
18 November 2017             (2nd half) Workshop Opening Ceremony and Gala Dinner
19 November 2017             Workshop Sessions 20 November 2017 Workshop Sessions and Closing Ceremony


Business Opportunity Events

  • Interactions with SCAEF’s international fellowship representing Vietnam, Pakistan, Thailand, Uzbekistan and Iran
  • Interactions with Client, Consultant, Contractors and Development Partners
  • Interactions with representative consultants from South and South East Asia including China, India, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Bhutan, Malaysia, Indonesia and others
  • Interactions with leading international consulting firms working in Nepal
  • Business showcases and product demonstration stalls
  • Others

Registration Fee

  • Nepalese individual participants: NRS 3000
  • SCAEF non-member firms: NRS 12000 (4 participants)
  • SCAEF member firms: NRS 10000 (4 participants)
  • International individual participants: USD 150
  • International firms: USD 500 (4 participants)
  • Business stall: NRS 35000/25000 (including 2 participants)
  • International business stall: USD 1000 (including 2 participants)


Conference Secretariat

Society of Consulting Architectural & Engineering Firms (SCAEF)

Buddhanagar, Kathmandu, Nepal

GPO Box: 1513

Phone/Fax: 977 1 4783952