Message From The President

mr-rajesh-thapaThe seeds of forming SCAEF was sown in as early 1987; with the name then being Forum of A&E Firms and with the support of the Nepal Engineers’ Association initiated the Task Force on Consulting Services then.  Nearly after two years after the coming of the multi party democratic system; SCAEF was formally registered on 21st November 1990 and then in 2015 went on celebrate it’s 25th Silver Jubilee.

In these years, in my opinion, the biggest achievement was that consulting firms agreed and accepted to come within a single professional society to pursue in the betterment of the consulting and to a larger extent the whole of the construction industry, too.   Here, the abolition of the bid bond and performance bond was a big success. At the same time training and business opportunities through donor support, was continued. SCAEF’s recognition as a national body representing consulting services in Nepal is another major achievement, of it’s establishment. However, maintaining that status is equally important and we need to pledge to do so. The QCBS selection system, which still is undergoing recommended changes , and the tax patterns  which has been an improvement from the earlier days, is in our success list: although continued effort for a total satisfaction is to be made.

The Gorkha Earthquake of April 2015, had a devastating effect in the country especially in the 14 most affected Districts. Under the co-ordination of the NEA, SCAEF played a very important role  through training young volunteers ( of nearly 2000 Engineers/Architects) for accessibility and actively participating in the vulnerability assessment of affected buildings/houses. Further, substantial training in retrofit design was also big CSR contribution. Similarly we did partner with NEA, SONA and RUPSON in preparing and submitting a joint report to the NPC suggesting for planning/building design actions for the affected Districts. SCAEF again in the same context has hosted a number of workshops, seminars and discussions to bring awareness and proper resilient design recommendations.

What needs to be done NOW? Most importantly the Image of SCAEF and of it’s Member Firms will be a priority. Billing Rates and best practices in selecting firms and providing consulting services, auditing performances maybe something that the 13th EC may take up. Steps will therefore be taken to decide goals and follow it up action plans using various subcommittees to manage and monitor, the same. We will take opportunities in creating new  useful training programs and hold discussions  to raise the levels of the performances of the EC/Member Firms. Work will be focused towards membership growth and pursue in the ratification of the Consultancy Development Act, at the earliest.

The SCAEF website will be made active to follow information about SCAEF and it’s Member Firms for larger active viewing. At the same time the website will be updated regularly and carry information on awarded projects and the achievement of the Member Firms.