National / Intl Events

Hosting of National and International Events

SCAEF has been entrusted to host the following National and International Events

  • International Workshops for TCDPAP on “Consultancy in the Next Millennium”, June 26-28, 1998 organized by SCAEF in collaboration with APCTT, ESCAP and ITC

  • SAARC Seminar on “Managing BoT Infrastructure Development”, July 28-30, 1999, jointly organized by SCAEF, NICMAR (India) and Nepal Engineering College.

  • Seminar on “Development of Domestic Consulting Services”, on various dates jointly organized by SCAEF, the Asian Development Bank, Manila and Construction Industry Training Centre (every year)

  • Seminar and Workshop on “Role of Service Industry to be included in the Tenth Five Year Development Plan of Nepal”, for National Planning Commission of Nepal

  • National seminar on “Environmental and Quality Management Systems” in the ESCAP region jointly organized with RECAST, Nepal, the focal point of APCIT

  • Seminar on “Role of A/E Consultants and Designers in promoting Earthquake Safety Initiatives”, July 2003

  • Training Programme on “Quality Management in Consulting Services”, jointly organized with TCDPAP on Aug 22, 2003

  • Two Workshop on “Strengthening Relationship with Professional Societies/Organization” January 11 and December 12, 2004