Activities & Achievements

Activities and Achievements of SCAEF in the Last 25 Years

Of the several actions undertaken, the following are some of the major achievements made by SCAEF towards the development of Consulting Services:

  • Remarkable solidarity has been shown by the member firms towards the institutional and professional development of the society.
  • A firm stand taken by the member firms in protest against the detrimental provisions in the Financial Administrative Regulation (FAR) used by the then HMG/N and other Nepalese institutions for the procurement of the consulting services, has led to the amendments in the then HMG/N’s Financial Administration Regulations with the following results:
    >> The lowest bidding system has been abolished for selection of consultants and QCBS system with the weightage of 80% for technical and 20% in general, for financial proposal has been adopted by the government while evaluating the proposal.
    >> The abolishing of the bid bond and performance bond.
    >> Tax Deduction at Source of Payment has been reduced from 15% to 1.5% of the total payable amount.
  • A firm commitment by the member firms to render professional and qualitative services during the discharge of their duties.
  • With the constant effort of SCAEF, the Government-owned consultancy firm NEPECON has been dissolved as the competition was not on equal footing.
  • Designation of Ministry of Physical Planning and Works as “Line Ministry” to look after the interest of SCAEF and its member firms (February 22, 2005).
  • Obtaining membership and continuation of participation in the international forum of FIDIC and TCDPAP.
  • Recognition of SCAEF by various national and international institutions as a National Body of Consulting Industry in Nepal.
  • Established link with International Trade Center UNCTAD/GARE (ITC) for Technical Consultancy Development Programme for Asia and the Pacific (TCDPAP).
  • Persuasion in the practice and implementation of the “Code of Conduct” prepared by SCAEF in order to promote ethical behavior among the consulting firms.
  • Organizing programs like discussions, workshops, seminars, talk programs, etc. are regularly held to enlighten the importance of consulting services.
  • Professional support programs are organized in order to enhance the capability and institutionalization of consulting industry.
  • Following its broader goals, SCAEF is assisting the government and other agencies in various activities of national importance, such as:
    >> Provision of expert advice on the formulation of Terms of Reference (ToR), general condition of contracts, and procedures for the selection of consultants.
    >> Contribution to the government’s efforts in preparing pertinent national laws, by-laws, regulations, code of practices, standards, etc.
    >> Contribution to the subject matters of national interest namely formulation of development plans, sectoral strategy, human resources development, etc.
  • Earthquake awareness programs are being held through the Earthquake Awareness cell of SCAEF in association with NSET, which eventually led to the formation of the National Forum for Earthquake Safety (NFES).
  • Preparation of Proposal for the Development of Appropriate and Supportive Policies and Regulation for the Development of the Consulting Industry, as a result, the Construction Industry Development Act is already prepared in a draft.
  • Preparation of National Policy Paper on “Prospect and Constrains of Public-Private-Partnership in Urban Waste Management” for Government of Nepal, 2006.