The consulting industry in Nepal received new opportunities and challenges from early-seventies

when government departments started using private professionals to provide services in small-scale engineering projects. Since then, though the industry is on a continuous path of growth, parallel support from the concerned quarters for the formulation of appropriate policies, regulations, and the environment for healthy development could not take place.


In consonance to its commitment to capacity-building, communication and commitment to professional ethics, SCAEF regularly organizes various events (trainings, workshops, national and international conferences & public discourses) for the overall betterment of the industry.


While safeguard of the consulting profession is the overarching objective of the SCAEF, SCAEF has identified 3 dimensions (3 Cs) as discussed hereunder which makes SCAEF an essential organization for the consulting industry to be associated with:



SCAEF promulgates and facilitates an alert know-how of the ongoing paradigm shifts: technological and associated policies further facilitated by constant interaction between various stakeholders



On the backdrop of constantly evolving technological and social frameworks, SCAEF works tirelessly to develop the capacity of its member firms and associated professionals with regard to procurement procedures, project management and design methodologies.


Commitment to Professional Ethics and Integrity

SCAEF is fully committed to promulgate the values among its member firms which seek to promote their commitment to professional ethics and integrity.


As a part of the communication with the member firms and other professional bodies, SCAEF periodically releases publications in the form of newsletters, magazines and associated proceedings/themes from their workshops and conferences.


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