18th Executive Committee (2024 – 2025)

Name: Er. Thakur P Sharma
Education: B. Tech (Civil), 1986, M. Sc. Water Resources Engineering, 2004
Position: Managing Director, Full Bright Consultancy (Pvt.) Ltd.
Email: president@scaef.org.np

Er. Sharma, who has more than 37 years of experience, currently holds the position of Managing Director and associated with the firm since 2004. A Water Resource Engineer by profession has moved to a management position. He is currently the President of the Society of Consulting Architectural and Engineering Firms (SCAEF) Nepal for the period of 2024~2025 AD. He was actively involved with SCAEF since last 4 years contributing to the cause of SCAEF. In the past, as a professional engineer, he has provided inputs for different government and private sectors alike in various capacities from design engineer, irrigation engineer, water resource engineer, and later stage of his career as Team Leader, Project Coordinator for various infrastructure development projects in which his firm is associated with national and international partners.

Vice President
Name: Ar. Bibhuti Man Singh
Education: Trained post-graduate in Japan after basic degree in Architecture from Lahore Pakistan in 1972.
Position: Chief Architect
Email: vp@scaef.org.np

Ar. Shrestha has been in architectural practice ever since leaving Government service in 1979. Besides numerous buildings in Nepal of various typologies in these fifty years of engagement with Architecture, he has also done notable work in heritage promotion through design-build of National Pavilions as part of Nepal’s participation in World class Expos in Germany, China and Italy.
A classicist at heart, regularly plagued by paralyzing doubts about meaning and purpose, with scorn and contempt for frivolous form seeking, finding solace and validation in the esoteric pursuits of cosmology, symbolism, archetypes or other such concerns related to roots, of person, society, culture,  nation or species. He feels that we are destined for despair when architecture does not bring us nearer to these.

General Secretary
Name: Er. Kamal Karki
Education: B.E. (Civil Engineering), 2006, Masters’ (Construction Management), 2011
Position: Director, SLATE Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
Email: generalsecretary@scaef.org.np

Mr. Karki holds an overall experience of 17 years in the sector of planning, development and implementation of civil infrastructure projects. His primary area of expertise involves contract management, procurement, policy interventions and project management/coordination. With his services provided in many national pride projects (Gautam Buddha International Airport Upgradation Project, Construction of Pokhara International Airport, Pushpalal Midhill Highway, North South corridor to name a few). He also worked as Expert Member in High level committee for monitoring and policy coordination in Kathmandu Terai Fast Track. Mr. Karki oversees business development, quality assurance, professional networking and project management for Slate Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

Deputy General Secretary
Name: Er. Mandakini Karki
Education: Bachelor of Economics and Social Science, (2006); Bachelor of Civil Engineering, (2010); Masters in Geotechnical Engineering, (2020)
Position: Technical Director, Soil Test (P) Ltd.
Email: nird@scaef.org.np

Er. Karki is a highly experienced professional with over 13 years of expertise in the engineering sector. Her broad experience encompasses both national and international projects, providing her with a diverse perspective and a comprehensive understanding of various engineering practices. She is dedicated to enhance and develop quality control mechanism in materials testing and Geotechnical sector to make the policy makers aware of the critical considerations and their impact on any infrastructure projects, allowing her to develop effective solutions to ensure the durability and safety of the constructed structures.
Er. Karki’s exceptional professional background and advanced qualifications make her a valuable asset in the engineering industry. Her ability to blend theoretical knowledge with practical experience enables her to tackle complex engineering challenges with confidence and precision. With her extensive experience in the transportation sector, she is well-equipped to contribute to the successful execution of future projects in this field.

Name: Er. Shrawan Kumar Thapa
Education: Master’s Degree in Transportation Engineering and Management (2012), Bachelors in Civil engineering (1998)
Position: Director, North Star Engineering Consultant (P.) Ltd.
Email: treasurer@scaef.org.np

He is the Treasurer of SCAEF Nepal for the recent 18th Executive Committee and Secretary for the 4th EC of the Society of Transportation Engineers Nepal (SoTEN).  Mr. Thapa has 25 years of work experience in Civil engineering basically in Road/Transportation sector. He has gained more than 16 years of extensive experience in survey, design, DPR preparation as a Team leader, construction supervision, contract administration, management, and quality control as a RE/ARE for various Rural Roads/National Highways. He has better ideas and skills in Transport Planning and has been involved in more than 25 District and Municipal transport planning. He has experience in Monitoring & Evaluation and Technical Auditing of various roads/bridges and other projects under different donor agencies viz. GIZ, DFID, DANIDA, WB and ADB.

Name: Er. Amod Kumar Thapa
Education: M. Sc. in Civil Engineering, Patrice Lumumba People’s, Friendship University – Moscow, USSR (1984)
Position: Managing Director, Project, Engineering Consultancy and Research Pvt. Ltd. Nepal
Email: acsr@scaef.org.np

Er. Thapa boasts nearly 38 years of extensive experience in Water Resources sector, contributing significantly to both government and private sectors. His career began as an Irrigation Engineer, making significant contributions to different water resources projects such as the Koshi Pump Canal Project, Narayani Zone Irrigation Development Project, and various Groundwater Projects in the Irrigation Department.
After a long contribution towards the Government sector, Er. Thapa shifted his activities towards consulting services, serving as the Planning and Design Engineer for the Regional TA Team of the Central Region in the Community-Managed Irrigated Agriculture Sector Project under Department of Irrigation. Gradually he developed his career as a dedicated consultant and played a key role in the Regional TA Team of the Mid-western Region, Department of Irrigation, Nepal too.
Er. Thapa, as an experienced Technical Auditor has made significant contributions in the field of technical audits conducted by NVC from time to time.

Name: Er. Dipendra Kumar Jha
Education: Bachelor in Civil Engineering (2010), Kathmandu Engineering College, Tribhuvan University
Position: Managing Director, Pertinent Engineering Consultancy Pvt. Ltd., Lalitpur
Email: idm@scaef.org.np

Er. Jha, who has more than 13 years of experience in the Civil Engineering Field, started his carrier in a Construction Company. He was involved in a feasibility study of different Hydropower during his Job at Shah Consult International. He established his own Firm in 2011 and after that, he was active in the consultancy sector. At his beginning year, he was involved in detailed engineering surveys, design, and report writing of various Irrigation, Road, and Water supply project. Later on, he moved to a management position in his firm. He has a good capacity to handle any project with a high motivational capacity. He was also actively involved in different events organized by SCAEF.

Name: Er. Krishna Singh Basnet
Education: B.E. Civil (1993); M. Sc. In Engineering Management (1997); MBA (2001); M. Sc. In Structure (2008)
Position: Managing Director, Fuji International Design Associates (FIDA)
Email: ei@scaef.org.np

Er. Basnet, who has more than 30 years of work experience in both government and non
-government organization. He has worked as an Engineer, Senior Engineer, Director and later as an Executive Director in Road Board Nepal (RBN). Also, he engaged in Infrastructural Development projects (Road, Bridge, Water Supply, Building, etc). Also, He has experience of Project Management and Administration.

Name: Ar. Nabin Ghising
Education: Bachelor in Architecture (2009).Nepal Engineering College, M.Sc. in Construction Management (2018), Nepal Engineering College, Pokhara University
Position: Managing Director, Green Design Solution (P) Ltd.
Email: pdcb@scaef.org.np

He is member of SCAEF Nepal for18th Executive Committee and was Joint secretary for 14th executive committee in Society of Nepalese Architects (SONA). Now he is Ex-officio member in SONA. He is also vice-president of Nepal BIM Forum. He was also involved in academic sector as assistant professor in Nepal Engineering College for six years.
Ar. Ghising has more than 15 years of experiences in Design and Planning. Designing sustainability through participatory process and designing public spaces are his key point of interest. He believes that sustainability should be the core of all development works and architecture/ engineering should focus more on research and innovation.

Name: Er. Ranjit Lalchan
Education: B.E. (Civil Engineering), 2005, M.Sc (Urban Planning), 2011
Position: Managing Director, Engineering & Planning Solution Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.
Email: fellowship@scaef.org.np

Ranjit Lalchan is a seasoned professional with over 17 years of experience in the engineering field. He started his career from Construction Industry. He initiated his journey in the engineering consultancy business in 2009, as a Managing Director. He is Urban planner by profession and worked as a team leader in various planning projects. His expertise also spans diverse infrastructure projects, where he has contributed as an expert in areas such as water supply, Building, Bridges and Roads.

Name: Er. Tarun Ranjan Dutta
Education: BE (Civil Engineering) 2011, LLB-2019, M.Sc.(Disaster Risk Engineering and Management) 2022
Position: Director, Universal Engineering and Management Consult Pvt. Ltd.
Email: pc@scaef.org.np

Er. Dutta boasts an extensive professional background spanning 17 years, with over 12 years of dedication in the field of Civil Engineering. His wealth of experience encompasses a specialized skill set as a construction engineer with a focus on retrofitting works, high-tech coating, fireproofing of structural steels. Additionally, he excels in areas of procurement and contract management.
In 2009, Er. Dutta took the initiative to establish the consulting firm Universal Engineering and Management Consult Pvt. Ltd., showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to advancing the industry.
He played a pivotal role as a member of the National and International Relationship Development sub-committee during the 17th Executive term of the SCAEF.

Immediate Past President
Name: Er. Tuk Lal Adhikari
Education: B.E. (Civil Engineering), 1984, M.E. (Geotechnical Engineering), 1998.
Position: Executive Chairman and Managing Director of ITECO Nepal (P.) Ltd.
Email: ipp@scaef.org.np

He has experience of more than 38 years in engineering and consulting profession. His wide experience covers engineering consulting services for transport infrastructures, water resources development, hydropower, water supply, rural development etc. under GoN, ADB, WB, DfID and JICA funding.
He was actively involved with SCAEF since last 4 years as a president. He is the board member of Construction Business Development Council chaired by Hon. Minister of Physical Infrastructure and Transport. He is currently the board member of FIDIC Asia Pacific for 2022-25. He had served as the board member in the Advisory Council of Nepal Engineers’ Association. He is the past president of Nepal Geotechnical Society and life member of Nepal Geological Society, Indian Roads Congress, South East Asian Geotechnical Society, Nepal Tunneling Association and Society of Transport Engineers Nepal.