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Encourage the development and upliftment of Nepalese Consulting firms’ business and professional interests.

Create a situation conducive to greater participation by Nepalese Consulting in development projects within Nepal and abroad and lessen Nepal’s dependence on foreign consultants.

Create a conducive atmosphere for healthy competition amongst consulting firms.

Enable small firms to render consulting services in large-scale projects through joint ventures.

Set up affiliation with international societies and associations.

The constitution of SCAEF has laid the following eligibility criteria for membership:

  1. Membership is limited to Nepalese-registered consulting firms only.
  2. Companies operated by the employees of Government and Government-owned corporations are not eligible for the membership.
  3. The member shall strictly adhere to the constitutional provisions and the directives given by the SCAEF.
  4. For membership with voting rights, at least one of the proprietors/ partners/ directors of the firm shall be graduated from the recognized institution in the field recognized by the Nepal Engineering Council for membership. Such proprietors/ partners/ directors should have full-time involvement in the firm.
  5. The Consulting Firm registered, but not matching the criteria mentioned in (4) above can only be an affiliated member with no voting rights (Already registered only).

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